Lopez _4_ Whittier
Helping the City of Whittier to be United

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Helping the people of the City of Whittier

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“Helping people is not just a savy political, campaign business motto but an inherent philosophy of who I am.” - Fernando Lopez, USN Veteran

Why run for City Council?

Whittier has been home for 3 generations and like Father & Mother, I believe it is a privilege to serve my community. When I was a child I would do homework at the Whittier Library, in Middle School I would hangout with friends in Uptown, & in High school I would volunteer with my Church, Whittier Area Community Church, & participate in serving my neighborhood. For years I have been serving and now I want to serve in a more public, city wide fashion.

What qualifies Fernando for City Council?

The day I turned 18 I signed up to join the US Navy & the summer I graduated from Cal High I left on a five-year adventure. During my service to our country I participated in 3 deployments to the Persian Gulf & 1 non-combat deployment; I grew up & quickly. At the completion of my military service I had traveled to 10 different countries, completed a third of my Associates Degree, & had celebrated 3 years of marriage to my Alexis, high school sweetheart.

After a 10 week European sabbatical I came back to my hometown to complete my college degree in order to return to the military as a commissioned officer; God had something different in store for me. I started a side business to help supplement finances while my wife & I attended college full time. The business model was a success & before I knew it I was a CEO with dozens of employees, multiple satellite locations, & consequently became active in local policies, laws, and ordinances.

What qualifies Fernando for City Council?

about the love and suppor that exists and why Voting Lopez 4 Whittier is a step towards helping our beloved City to be United. Feel free to leave a comment or follow us on social media! Fernando would love to hear from you.                          

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Founder & President & US Navy Veteran- Fernando Lopez

Founder & President & US Navy Veteran- Fernando Lopez